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Today I noticed my VPS did not have any firewall installed. Since I use Alpine, I decided to try out awall, which led to 15 minutes of down time for this website and all the remaining services. Besides, it seems that Docker messes with the IP tables by default, which can be troublesome with firewalls. In the end, I ended up using Hetzner’s own firewall which is completely decoupled from the OS and easier to manage.

Jan-Lukas Else β€’ 20 Oct 2021

My home and code server now has 2 TB of SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM. While I’ll be using the storage for backups, etc., I’m not quite sure what I can use the 16 GB of RAM for yet. What else can I run besides Home Assistant, AdGuard Home, Drone and Tailscale? I still have my VPS running my websites, …

Weirdly enough, the name Tailscale caught my eye and I decided to investigate what it is. I checked their website and it seems that they use Wireguard to do the kind of configuration I explained some time ago. I’m curious: besides the easyness of use, what other advantages do you see on using Tailscale over a manually configured Wireguard network?

Well… I moved recently and was thinking about setting up a VPN with my new fancy router. But I discovered something: the ISP put me behind a giant NAT. Didn’t even know that Carrier Grade NATs were a thing and it never happened to me back in Portugal. Suggestions? I want a simple way to access the network remotely: just for the machines, not for the Internet.