Building Compassionate Communities in Tech - Isaac Schlueter

Again, this was more of a community focused talk which, as of now, are the most interesting for me. Here are some key aspects of Isaac’s talk: Encourage new interactions to be positive. Turn negative interactions into positives. Programmers need soft skills too. Be empathetic. Sometimes it’s better to talk about something privately. Be careful of what you write because you are what you write. IRL β‰  text.

Leadership in Open Source - Isaac Schlueter

talk: On this talk by the creator on NPM, Isaac Schlueter, he focus on the leadership in the open source communities. Some key points: Being persistent is important. Great leaders come up through natural growth and communication with community. If something goes wrong: think about what to do in the future to avoid the same problem; and own and take responsibility for it. Leadership involves making constant improvements and corrections over time. When thinking about something, don’t look at your past self, look at the present. Don’t care about looking foolish. It will happen. Help the others. “Empathy is a core engineering value”

Open Source - Jan Lehnardt

This talk was a bit different from the previous ones in terms of content. Jan focused more on the political and business side of open-source and what should we do to improve society. Some key aspects: Build more web apps instead of platform-specific ones. Government/public money should be invested on more open source projects, such as Wikipedia, which are accessible to everyone. Use both politics and business to make the world better with open source. One interesting question he made was: ‘why do we all have to pay for our own internet if we could have a more powerful shared internet node paid by all of us?’. I actually think that would be an interesting idea. Internet could be free or, if not, accessible everywhere and paid through taxes. But that would need a good government and good system to make it all work well I think.

Open Source and Community - Mikeal Rogers

Due to the name of this talk, I was thinking Mikeal was going to talk more about the community itself, good parts, bad parts, issues and solutions, but he didn’t. He talked about the Node.js community and the topics were kind of random in my opinion: from the streams and the fact that Node implemented quite a good interface to cryptocurrency and other. He also mentioned GitHub and the fact that open sourcing was much harder before it.

Open Source Like a Boss - Charlie Robbins

This talk is mainly about how to work and do open source. Some key aspects Charlie mentioned: You need to market your work because open source doesn’t market itself. Pay attention to people around you. Don’t take too much time to respond to an issue or PR. People feel ignored. Communication is key. Don’t be mean. Only do open source if you really like it and have time to spend to care. Your team should be like a distributed graph structure.