Today I finished watching “Please Like Me” and I must say it’s a great short show that addresses some pertinent issues. On other news, I went to the hospital to make a few exams, including Covid-19’s swab test. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Today I realized that I probably should start managing my time more effectively. Oddly enough, I’ve received many praises in the past for being extra productive and managing my time very well. However, I think I can focus for long times sometimes and makes me look productive. I decided that, for the times to come, I will try to plan my weeks on the weekend and try to accept calls and add slots to my calendar for the time I will be working at Protocol Labs so I can have a clear view of the hours I am doing. Is it going to work? I don’t know. I’ve tried to track time in many ways and it never works as well as I’d like to.