I have been living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands for two weeks already! Isn’t that crazy? So far, I’ve only had one week of (remote) classes. What bothers me most is that most professors just decided that we should watch the videos of the lectures from previous quarters (because they already recorded them). In addition, all three courses I have this quarter are fully evaluated by a single exam that just counts 100% of the grades. Very theoritical so far. However, I know that some other courses later on are not like this. Other than that, it’s being an amazing experience.

(The post services in the Netherlands are super fast)

Today I finished watching “Please Like Me” and I must say it’s a great short show that addresses some pertinent issues. On other news, I went to the hospital to make a few exams, including Covid-19’s swab test. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Today I realized that I probably should start managing my time more effectively. Oddly enough, I’ve received many praises in the past for being extra productive and managing my time very well. However, I think I can focus for long times sometimes and makes me look productive. I decided that, for the times to come, I will try to plan my weeks on the weekend and try to accept calls and add slots to my calendar for the time I will be working at Protocol Labs so I can have a clear view of the hours I am doing. Is it going to work? I don’t know. I’ve tried to track time in many ways and it never works as well as I’d like to.