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When Does Abroad Stop Feeling Like Abroad?

government identity reflection

The title of this post is just a question I added to my impossible list back in September 2022. It has been sitting there since. After making a little cleanup to the page today, I thought: I really want to develop this feeling a bit more, and explain it better, as well as how I feel in this moment regarding my plans for “living abroad”.

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Reflecting on What I Want To Learn Next

reflection work

Due to all the restructuring that has been happening at work, I am supposedly going to be working at a different company from next Monday on. The team will still be working on the same projects, albeit with more to choose our own direction. This has also given me time to reflect and think about what I want to learn and do next.

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Thoughts on Personal Websites and Online Identities

reflection personal-website indieweb

Online services. We all have accounts on those. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Mastodon, or some other thing that is sucking the life out of us. Even though we are the same physical being behind all of those accounts, we don’t always come out the same way to all of them. We look different, we sound different. Maybe that’s the nature of what we post there. They are all online identities.

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Thinking Out Loud About My Future Master’s Project

reflection university masters thesis

I’m now in my first year of my Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering which means that next year I am supposed to start (and hopefully finish) my Master’s project and thesis. As a consequence of that, I have been thinking a lot about it lately. I don’t want to make a rushed choice that will make me work on something I don’t enjoy for over half an year.

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How Did I Start Working Remotely in a Startup


On 18th June 2015 I went to Lisbon to attend the Landing Festival β€” a tech jobs event organised by I was 15. And now you ask: what was a 15-year-old boy doing in a job fair? So, I was there as a journalist for Pplware. Though that’s not the piece of information that matters, I have to thank a lot to them because they were my ground floor.

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New Year's Resolutions '16

reflection goals

One year more has passed. It seems like yesterday I was turning thirteen. Nostalgia. 2015 has been very turbulent and troubled year, but still amazing and meaningful. It has been very antithetical in so many ways I can’t tell you. But being that way helped me to grow more than in the years before - growing is a continuous process we should never fear.

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Intermittent Threads

reflection creative

I was there. I turn my head to the left and I see a bullet coming in my direction. The clock stops. I stop. I see myself doing nothing. I see my whole life running throughout my brain. I realize that I haven’t done what I should have done. My whole life was a wire, an intermittent wire which is going to eventually break up. I see my children, I see all of the people I love. The time starts counting. The bullet reaches my heart and the wire breaks up. My soul stays a little bit more connected to my body, but it’s just for a few seconds. There isn’t one wire now. There are two: the one we left in the Earth and the one which handles our memories.

Something About the Future. Is It Real? Does It Exist?


A word can be a very powerful thing. A word can change lifes, a word can destroy worlds, a word can lead us to other words, a word can make us stop breathing, a word can make us lively, a word can kill us. As you can see, each word is a very special thing. But I’m not here to talk about words, am I? No, I’m not, but I’m going to start with a word: time.

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