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Today I noticed my VPS did not have any firewall installed. Since I use Alpine, I decided to try out awall, which led to 15 minutes of down time for this website and all the remaining services. Besides, it seems that Docker messes with the IP tables by default, which can be troublesome with firewalls. In the end, I ended up using Hetzner’s own firewall which is completely decoupled from the OS and easier to manage.

I finally stopped using GPG keys for SSH authentication. Now I purely use SSH keys protected by 2FA via security keys. Now I have to get used to “touching” for authentication!

It also looks like Git allows to use SSH keys for signing. Unfortunately GitHub doesn’t support such signatures yet. Once they do, I may change to that method.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was “investigating the possibility to use Tailscale to simply block the access from the β€œoutside world” and make it more secure”. Well, it is now implemented and it works. Basically, my blog system can listen on two different ports: the regular one where you’re navigating, and the one inside a Tailscale network.

If I specify exclusiveDashboard: true on my Tailscale section of the configuration, the dashboard will only be added to the Tailscale router. This way, the dashboard won’t be available at hacdias.com, but only inside the Tailscale network. I’ve tried it and it works. However, it is not how it is not enabled on the live version yet!

I also mentioned that I was trying to “inject” and admin bar while logged in. I can say that it is working via some response writer wrapping magic. I have a few more plans to make Eagle more self-contained, but we’re not there yet!

Have a fantastic day!

A few days ago I saw a blog post by GitHub announcing their support for security keys in SSH operations. After a bit of search, I discovered that OpenSSL 8.2, released last year, lets us use our FIDO2 devices (such as Yubikeys) to “unlock” our SSH private keys. This way, we don’t need the cumbersome GPG <-> SSH relation.

I tried it, and it was nice. I don’t know if I’m going to start using it right away because not every place uses OpenSSL 8.2+ yet, but soon, very soon.

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