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Modern TLS/SSL on 16-bit Windows (

security windows

This is from the same author that implemented WinGPT for Windows 3.1. In this article, they go over the notes on how they implemented TLS/SSL on a 16-bit Windows. It’s quite interesting, even though I have never programmed this low level on such an older machine. Also haven’t used Windows in quite some time, so it’s always nice to see.

Our Computer Security Problems Are Our Own Fault (

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We (the computing community) did this to ourselves. We created a situation where a HTML attachment received in email could plausibly look, to ordinary people, like something that would appear from trying to look at an ordinary PDF. There are a whole bunch of individual pieces and steps that got us here, each sensible on their own in some view, but the collective result is that we did this to ourselves. We have no one else to blame when ordinary people fill in their password and hit ‘Sign in’.