Aaron Parecki 22 Jan 2020 13:25

It's all a giant pile of PHP code I wrote ages ago, it's not even map-projection-aware it just plots on a 2D canvas. The animation is basically a timelapse of a bunch of frames of that same script played in a row.

Thanks for the info :D Will probably do something similar when I have more data to create more interesting “maps”.

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Miguel Hugo Regouga 19 Jan 2020 22:51

Dava para levar mesmo para fora do Spotify, para até conseguires ir mais atrás. Por exemplo ao fazeres scan dos barcodes dos CDs que tens em casa e que ouvias quando eras puto

Pronto, para quem tem, seria bastante interessante. No meu caso, só tenho lá uns 4 CDs haha. O resto era dos meus pais, mas sim, seria bastante interessante. Visualization tools, visualization tools. We need them!

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Jan-Lukas Else 19 Jan 2020 12:53

After talking to @jlelse, I finally decided not to trouble myself with writing my own static website generator and just improve what I have right now.Optimizing software to run faster is a good thing in itself. If you have to wait less for the software to run, you have more time for other things. Bu…

Wouldn’t it be better to start where minutes or even hours are regularly wasted?

Yup, that was my conclusion and I’m really happy I ended up not wasting more time with whatever I was trying to do.

When I invest time in my own software projects, I use most of it to create new features that allow me to do new things. This morning, I invested a few hours in a feature that allows me to create posts with photos on my blog via an app from my smartphone.

That’s great! I actually have a big list of features and things I want to add to my own website. Will start working more on them after I finish my exams.

But what I haven’t done yet, and what I will do only when there is a more important reason to do so, is rewriting the software, which allows me to receive HTML forms via email, from NodeJS to Go.

I love Go but I ended up picking Node.js for the micropub endpoint and all the API that is running on the back of my website just because it was easier to deal with… for now.

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