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Modern TLS/SSL on 16-bit Windows (

security windows

This is from the same author that implemented WinGPT for Windows 3.1. In this article, they go over the notes on how they implemented TLS/SSL on a 16-bit Windows. It’s quite interesting, even though I have never programmed this low level on such an older machine. Also haven’t used Windows in quite some time, so it’s always nice to see.

How Many Layers of UI Inconsistencies Are in Windows 11? (

windows gui

Haven’t used Windows in quite some time, but I like to keep following the news as it was the OS that accompanied my childhood, most specifically Windows XP and Windows 7. Somehow I managed to skip Windows Vista, apart from some few interactions in someone else’s computer. Then, Windows 8 came and Windows 10 and I ended up moving to macos for some other reasons and so far, haven’t gone back. I always enjoyed Window UI, at least to some extend.

This article shows UI elements present in Windows 11 that date to older versions of Windows. I expected to see things that dated back to Windows XP. However, I was surprised to see that you can still find UI elements from Windows 3.1 on Windows 11!