This is my uses page. It is inspired in the movement and its main goal is to share with you the things I use on my daily life, from hardware to software. It might not be a 100% up to date, but I will try to keep an eye on it to keep it alive!


Despite trying to have as less devices as I can, I think I end up having some that are not required to have a functional life.

My desk
My desk. Not my best shot

My desk contains my “essential” devices and everything else I use on a regular basis for work, university or just for entertainment. This encompasses everything from my smartphone to my monitor.

The essentials are those devices that I must have to complete my work successfully. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to work, or even go to university.

  • Laptop: 2018 Macbook Pro 13"
  • Smartphone: iPhone 11 Pro

The upgrades, on the other hand, are aimed to increase productivity and well being. These include monitors, stands, speakers, etc:

  • Laptop stand: Rain mStand
  • Monitor: Asus VG27A
  • Tablet: 2018 iPad Pro 11"
  • Keyboard: Ducky One 2 Mini
  • Mouse: Asus Strix Impact
  • Dock: CalDigit TS3 Plus

On the sound department, I have 3 devices:

  • Speakers: Logitech Z213
  • Headphones: JBL Live 5000BT
  • Earphones: Airpods (2nd Gen)

My Nintendo Switch
My Nintendo Switch

My desk also features my one and only console: a Nintendo Switch. I live in a studio and I don’t have much space. Thus, my desk is both my workplace, and my “TV” for movies and entertainment.

Besides all these devices, I also want to shout out to my:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, that runs some services for personal use, some of which are intrinsically related to this website; and my
  • Yubikey 5C NFC x2 for 2FA authentication, GPG and SSH.

Secrid is my wallet of choice

The most unexpected thing on this list is my wallet. However, it is so small and so useful that it is complicated not to include it. I have been using a Secrid wallet for a few years already and I recommend you that if you don’t care anything but a few cards and eventual bills.


On the photography department, I currently own a Fuji X-T4. The pictures that come out of it are fantastic. However, it is a bit of a mess to edit Fuji RAWs due to the way they’re encoded. I’m using CaptureOne for that. Maybe I’ll write about it one day.

Fujifilm X-T4

Besides the camera itself, I also have two lenses:

  • Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 OIS
  • Fujifilm XF 35mm F/2.0

I also own a tripod: a Manfrotto Befree.


This section will be considerably more compact as I don’t think we need screenshots of the software I’m using. So… here it goes.

  • Code Editor: my all round code editor is Visual Studio Code. However, there are some exceptions…
    • For some larger Go projects, I tend to use GoLand.
    • On the terminal, I tend to use vim.
  • Terminal: my terminal app on macOS is iTerm. Within the terminal, I use zsh as my shell with oh my zsh installed. This installation is customized via my dotfiles.
  • Browser: Chrome on macOS and Safari or Chrome on iOS.
  • Mail and Calendar: I use Spark as both my mailing and calendar apps. It is easy to use multiple accounts and synchronize them across many devices.

Besides this software packages, I use some online services, which I’m not going to list here. As for self-hosted things, I have everything on Hetzner.